Further Confusion Coming Up

Well, it's coming closer and closer. I'll be going to FC again this year. I'm no longe known as Tommi Tigre though, so don't expect to find 'him', instead look for the husky malamute by the name of Scatterpaws. I also plan on being in FNL with some friends. I have to say I'm really looking forward to this after the year I've had.
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Surf's Up

Yesterday, I went off to a pool party with a bunch of my friends where I got to have pizza, chips, cookies, and lots of soda in addition to swimming and stuff. Following that, I went to the movies and watched 'Surf's Up' in Downtown Disney's AMC Theatre. Good movie and I'd definitely suggest it to anyone that has a love of water, penguins, surfing, or even just animation. It's a pretty good movie.
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